Designing Your Site

Our Philosophy? Communication is Key

You need a website, but you're not sure where to start? Or maybe you have website but are unhappy with its look.   WebsByMegan takes the time to get to know you and your business. One phone call or email is not enough to get you a website deserving of your business. When you work with WebsByMegan, you become part of the team that will create an outstanding website for you at a reasonable rate and in a short amount of time! Sound too good to be true? It's not when you work with WebsByMegan. Excellent communication with our clients is our strength, guaranteed.

A Rewarding Process...

There will be extensive communication between WebsByMegan and you, the client, when we begin your site. This is key to getting you what you want. WebsByMegan will offer suggestions, as well as incorporate the goals and ideas you have outlined for your website. You will find it's a rewarding process to shape your website and see it come to life live on the internet.

How Long Does It Take To Create Your Website?

WebsByMegan can provide you with a functioning website published on the internet within a few weeks of your initial contact! The more ideas and content you have ready for your website, the faster this process moves. When WebsByMegan is working with you, you will receive personal, one-on-one attention as your site is completed. You won’t find that type of excellent customer service very often in the business world, but you’ve found it here with WebsByMegan.

Do Your Homework and Plan for Your Site...

Take a few minutes to jot down the pages you see in your website's future. What information do you want your customer to see? Look at other websites....what do you like? Maybe their color scheme, perhaps a style to layout, maybe an eye catching product page, or a clever Home Page. Now think of your site, what do you see? The more vision you have, the more WebsByMegan can make it happen, fast.

Creative Input Included!

The combination of WebsByMegan's experience and creative ideas, combined with your vision for your website will come together into a website that represents who you are, in an original presentation for the internet. One of WebsByMegan strengths is the creative ideas we share with our customer. We pride ourselves in understanding website image, and matching the look of your site to who you are. If you're a lawn care service, you don't want a corporate look to your website. WebsByMegan will be creative, yet realistic in your design.

Getting Visitors to your Website

Fresh content and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to getting exposure for your website. Just because you have a website doesn't mean people will visit. You've got to get the word out there!  WebsByMegan can advise you as to what services to take advantage depending on your specific goals to get more quality traffic to your website.

Ready to Get Started?

Email WebsByMegan today and setup a time to talk about what your website needs are. Tell us about your business, and provide a brief list of features you want to include. If you have links to other websites you like, send that along, too! WebsByMegan will review your needs and work up a quote for you right away. Your site can be up and running in just days!


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